Six Star Clutch Sleeve Repair Kit 2005+ above Turbo models (push type clutch)


2005 up above Turbo models (push type clutches), Six Star Clutch Sleeve Repair Kit


The “practical solution” for the notorious grooving of the quill on Subaru transmissions, causing:
Clutch chatter.
Uneven engagement.
Premature clutch &
throw-out bearing failure.

This results in expensive transmission case replacement – that does not offer a permanent solution for the problem: Takes less than 10 min. to install, while replacing the clutch assembly. does not require any modification or machining. Removable & reusable when doing transmission repairs that require splitting the case. Gives a noticeable smoothness to the clutch engagement. Eliminates noisy clutch linkage rattles. Allows you to keep your job completion time. Frees up the bay & mechanic. Eliminates the chance of costly mistakes in replacing the case. Eliminates towing expense and/or rental cars! Kit comes complete with oversized release bearing and instructions.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in